References for Chapter 1 (What Is Graphic Communication?)

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Reference and LinkPage
PrintWorker’s online guide to finding employment in the print industry.19
Networking opportunities on the Graphic Arts Association website.19
Al-Radaideh, Bassam Naser. Graphic Design Curriculum and Printing Technology, British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences, Vol. 15, No. 11, September 2013, pp. 133-14220
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The online job board primarily for North American job opportunities.21
Book Business magazine’s 2015 case study, Multi-Channel Publishing, outlines the basics of using “intelligent content” and a single data source to meet a variety of output needs.22
Printing Impressions 1998 overview, Distribute-and-Print—Linking Presses to Profits, is an early example of the shift in print distribution models.24
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