References for Chapter 2 (The History of Printing)

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Genevieve von Petzinger’s 2015 TED Talk on recent research that indicates our use of graphic communication symbols may have originated far earlier than 4000-3500 BC.31’s article on the History of Printing is one of many helpful articles on prepress, printing, and publishing.31
Eric Miller’s blog, Key Moments in Graphic Design History, updated October 25, 2017.31
The Wikipedia article on Printing provides a thorough overview, a comparison of printing methods, a glossary of printing technologies, and a partial bibliography of additional reading.34
The Association of European Printing Museum’s Museum Finder is for both European and worldwide locations. (The website itself is a valuable resource.)34
An invaluable historical resource is the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany.35
PRINT magazine’s 2015 article The Evolution of Typography: A Brief History is a useful overview of the use of letterforms in graphic communication.38
A thorough overview of typographic terminology and principles can be found at the Material Design website.38
To learn more about the documentary, Linotype: The Film, or to purchase a copy, visit the film’s website.43
To learn more about the documentary, Graphic Means, or to purchase a copy, visit the film’s website.46
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