References for Chapter 4 (Print Industry Segments)

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Reference and Link (if available)Page’s article on Print Market Segmentation. 65
Rochester Institute of Technology, RIT Scholar Works, What is print? A characterization of the printing industry in the United States (PDF), 2007. Includes additional reading and resources.65
Research report, Convergence in the Print Industry: Understanding Growth Opportunities and Competition, May 2018, NAPCO Media.66
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Smithers Pira, Insight: The Future of the Global Printing Market. Includes links to in-depth research reports (payment required).76
INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION: Association for Print Technologies (formerly known as NPES; some content still found at
INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION: Flexographic Technical Association.
INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION: National Association for Printing Leadership (also includes the National Association of Quick Printers).
INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION: Printing Industries of America.
INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION: Specialty Graphic Imaging Association.
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