References for Chapter 5 (Design and Prepress Workflow)

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Glossary of Prepress Terms, courtesy of Sappi North America
PRINT magazine’s Top Design Resources for Graphic Designers.
Design Resources’ Best Design Sites list, for inspiration and instruction.
AIGA’s invaluable Resources Page for graphic designers.
Pure Colours Digital’s white paper, History of Pre-press, including a long list of links to articles on prepress-related topics.82
Prepressure’s article, The history of prepress, includes a timeline of significant events. (A companion picture guide is also available.83
The PrintWiki article on Prepress is extremely text-heavy but includes full descriptions (and links to related topics) for most prepress concepts.84
Prepressure’s article on Imposition includes a full description of the process, with illustrations.84
Another helpful article is PrintNinja’s Imposition and Pagination page.84
If the art/science of folding paper is your passion, then there is no better resource than (Videos from this source will soon be added to this book’s learning portal.)84
The Wikipedia article on Desktop publishing provides a good overview and history of the phenomenon. (A list of desktop publishing software applications is also available.)85
The Ghent Workgroup is a primary resource for the practical application of PDF and PDF/X in printed graphic communication.88
The Wikipedia article on PDF/X includes definitions and links to the many different ISO variants of the file format.88
The Wikipedia article on Pre-flight (printing) includes historical background and a list of common problems encountered in the preflight process.89
This Medium article, Pre-Flight Checklist for Printing, is one of many helpful overviews of the preflight process.93
Jennifer Matt’s 2016 WhatTheyThink article, Print Production Workflow Automation provides a thoughtful overview of the trend towards automation.95
Heidi Tolliver-Walker’s 2017 Printing Impressions article, Reasons Why Printing Companies Should Automate Their Production Workflows provides additional insight, including a 5-step action item list.96
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