Introduction to Graphic Communication:
Important References, Tables, and Calculators

The following online references will help you more efficiently access helpful information for everyday tasks in graphic communication. We cannot endorse or guarantee these tools, but we believe this is a good place to start. We will add more over time. Comments or suggestions are welcome.

Copy Express Glossary of Printing Terms.
Printing Industries of America’s PrintAccess search tool allows users to find print service providers by specialty and geographic region.’s Connect with Printing Companys search tool allows users to find, contact, and rate print service providers in their area.
Sustainable Green Partnership’s Certified Facilities listing allows users to find SGP-certified print service providers, by process, in the U.S. and Canada.
99design’s handy Prepress Checklist lists 9 important steps in preparing jobs for print.
Shannel Wheeler’s Medium article, Pre-Flight Checklist for Printing, is a great overview for designers who work with print service providers.
COLORChapter 6 Color Converter, one of many online color model converters (e.g., CMYK, RGB, Hex) written for Web developers, but generally useful for multi-channel designers. This is NOT a color management tool but it will help you make color choices without opening Photoshop!
Paper Calculators, published by Graphic Communications, a North American paper broker. (Includes basis weight, caliper, yield, and other paper-related calculations.)
Basis Weight Table, based on data from Pocket Pal (International Paper).
Sappi Paper Calculator App for Apple iOS mobile devices
Sappi Paper Calculator App for Google Android mobile devices
Neenah’s Paper Math Calculator is one of many helpful calculators and design resources.
The Canopy Ecopaper Database is a list of eco-friendly papers available in the United States. (Note: The table is easier to read on larger-screen devices.)
Graphic Ink’s Ink Calculator estimates the amount of ink (in pounds) required for a print job.
Printing Industries of America’s Cost Calculator, an Excel spreadsheet, will help users make prudent decisions when deciding to run a job on offset vs. digital. (Note: When downloaded to a mobile device, you may need to forward it to your PC, as an email attachment.)
This list of Printing Equipment OEMs will help you learn more about the conventional and digital equipment being manufactured for the graphic communication industry.
BINDERYChapter 9
PrintNinja’s Spine Width Calculator for hardcover and softcover books.
Bridgeport National Bindery’s Glued Hardcover Calculator.
Time and Date Time Zone Converter (because you can never seem to find one when you need it)
USPS Postage Price Calculator for postcards, envelopes, boxes, etc.
XE Currency Converter

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