Chapter 8 – Printing Press Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

This list of printing press OEMs is intended as a handy reference for readers of Introduction to Graphic Communication. No endorsement or evaluation is intended or implied. If you find any inaccuracies or omissions, please contact us. Thanks.

Printing Press OEMConventional  Digital  
BOBST (Switzerland) homepage (BOBST manufactures flexographic and gravure printing equipment for packaging and label manufacturers.)
Canon/Océ (Japan and The Netherlands) production printing page (Canon/Océ manufactures continuous-feed and cut sheet digital presses for commercial and publication printers.)
Cerruti (Italy) homepage (Cerruti manufactures rotogravure presses for publication, packaging, and specialties printing.)
EFI (United States) products page (EFI, formerly Electronics for Imaging, manufactures Nozomi and VUTEk inkjet devices and workflow software and systems for commercial and specialty printers.)
Fujifilm (Japan) graphic systems page (Fujifilm manufactures digital inkjet presses and wide format devices for commercial, specialty, and packaging printers.)
Gallus (Germany) homepage (Gallus, a member of the Heidelberg Group, manufactures screen printing equipment for the label industry.)
Goss International (United States) products page (Goss manufactures web offset presses for newspaper, commercial, and packaging printers.)
Heidelberg (Germany) solutions page (Heidelberg manufactures sheetfed offset presses and other equipment for the graphics industry. The company also sells digital presses manufactured by Ricoh.)
Hewlett-Packard / HP (United States) large format and digital press page (HP manufactures production digital presses, large format inkjet devices, and workflow systems for commercial, specialty, packaging, and publication printers.)
Kodak (United States) digital printing solutions page (Kodak manufactures inkjet and EP digital presses for commercial, publication, packaging, and specialty printers.)
Koenig & Bauer or KBA (Germany) products page (KBA manufactures sheetfed and web offset presses, and flexographic presses, for a wide range of graphic service providers.)
Komori (Japan) products page (Komori manufactures both offset and digital presses for commercial, specialty, and publication printers.)
Konica Minolta (Japan) production printing page (Konica Minolta manufactures sheetfed digital printer/copiers for commercial, on-demand, and in-plant printers.)
Landa (United States) products page (Landa manufactures nanographic inkjet presses for commercial, packaging and publication printers.)
M&R Companies (United States) homepage (M&R manufactures screen printing equipment for the graphic and textile industries.)
manroland (Germany) homepage (manroland manufactures both sheetfed and web offset presses for commercial, packaging, and publication printers.)
Mark Andy (United States) homepage (Mark Andy manufactures flexographic and digital hybrid presses for packaging and label printers. They also develop software and workflow systems for flexo printers.)
Memjet homepage (Memjet manufactures digital inkjet presses and workflow systems for commercial, packaging, specialty, and in-plant printers.)
RICOH (Japan) commercial and industrial printing page (Ricoh manufactures cut-sheet, continuous feed, and wide format presses, supplies, and workflow software for commercial, specialty, and publication printers.)
RISO (Japan) products page (RISO manufactures inkjet presses and duplicators for commercial, on-demand, and in-plant printers.)
Ryobi MHI (Japan) products page (Ryobi manufactures sheet offset presses for commercial printing companies.)
Screen (Japan) homepage (Screen manufactures inkjet presses, wide format devices, and workflow systems for commercial and packaging printers.)
Xanté (United States) products page (Xanté manufactures smaller-format digital presses for commercial, quick print, and in-plant printing facilities.)
Xeikon (Belgium and The Netherlands) homepage (Xeikon manufactures industrial digital presses for label, folding carton, and commercial printers.)
Xerox (United States) production printers and digital presses page (Xerox manufactures a wide range of digital presses for commercial, in-plant, and publication printers. )

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