Because no book is ever perfectly executed, the practice of creating an “errata”—a printed list of errors and corrections to be made—has been commonplace since the mid-17th Century. (“Erratum” would be the singular, but there’s never just one.) Now, thanks to the Web, these typos, omissions, clarifications, and production blunders can be published immediately. These have been fixed in the second printing. If you find others, let us know: Thanks.

Issue to be fixed in the third printingPage
Thanks to an eagle-eyed and knowledgeable professor, we now realize that the inventor of electrophotography was not “Chesley Carlson” but “Chester Carlson.” Our apologies to Carlson fans and thanks to Lois Lemon at Western Michigan University.46
If there are other errors in the book, please let us know.
Issues fixed in the second printingPage
At the bottom of the first left-hand page of each chapter, we printed simple URLs for non-mobile users to access the book’s interactive content. Unfortunately, we left off the “.com” part of both URLs. (This rather spectacular error is the subject of our September blog.) We will fix this in subsequent printings, but for now readers will need to add the missing characters themselves, as in “”. (The “www.” is optional.) Our apologies.
There are two typos in the second paragraph of the second column on page 35. It should read as follows: “Gutenberg’s press was designed from a 15th Century wine press. The press was not the essence of his invention; it was a necessary accessory.”35
The description of Mechanicals was not as clear as it could have been. In addition to line art, mechanical art boards also included red or black rectangles for photo placement.83
The illustration depicting ink coverage and overprinting issues was also not clear. It should have shown the correct percentages for rich black, namely C=60%, M=40%, Y=40%, and K = 100%.89
The text indicates that a discussion of traditional color management can be found on “pages 128-129.” Instead, that reference should be “pages 104-105.”101
Similarly, the reference to the G7 process is indicated as “pages 130-131” when it should be “pages 106-107.”101
A folio line (page number and interactive media URL) in Chapter 10 is out of place, and too close to the margin.176
A folio line (page number and interactive media URL) in Chapter 11 is out of place, and too close to the margin.192
The photo of Timothy Berners-Lee was improperly color managed. (Our apologies to Sir Timothy.)215
In the caption, the word “typically” is misspelled. Also, the same caption contains the mysterious, Latin-like sentence, “Lest dollicilita ea voluptatibea cume qui aut alitat ipit facea vel et quat minusdanda cus pero estia vernatius.” (Thanks go to Adobe InDesign’s “Fill with Placeholder Text” command for that contribution.)221
In the bibliography, we cited an outdated edition of the textbook Printing Technology (Adams, Michael, et al.) The citation should read: Adams, J. Michael and Penny Ann Dolan. Printing Technology, Fifth Edition. Albany, New York: Delmar, 2002, 542 pp.233
Another important work was not included in the bibliography: Dolan, Penny Ann. Exploring Digital Workflow. An Introduction to Managing Graphic Content in a Cross-Media World. Clifton Park, New York: Thomson Delmar Learning, 2006, 200 pp.234
If there are other works missing from the bibliography, let us know.