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Customization & Collaboration
The Whole Book or Separate Chapters
Introduction to Graphic Communication was written to provide a thorough, practical overview of the printing and graphics industry.
However, individual chapter booklets are available for programs focused on specific topics, or if you need to supplement existing curricula.
Custom Learning Portal
The interactive media for the book is hosted on the secure, Viddler Training Suite. Readers of the book can freely access this content—with or without a user login.
However, schools and training programs can also have their own, private portal, with additional, student-generated content, enhanced learning and interactivity features, and integration with existing systems. Contact us for details.
Ongoing Collaboration
This book+media experience is meant to foster communication among all members of the design and print community. Book-related discussions will continue—online and in person—long after the classroom experience is over.
We encourage the spread of public and private groups, chat forums, and other online interaction related to the book, and will provide a Clickable Paper connection wherever possible.
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