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Historic Context

The book frames the discussion of graphic communication in the context of historic, and often disruptive change.

Practical Principles

The book provides a substantial overview of print technology—how text and images are reproduced on paper and other materials.

Business Application

The book outlines the business framework, best practices, and emerging standards of this unique, sometimes confusing industry.

Learn About a Complex Industry
Printing is a process like no other. From its historic origins to the latest innovation, the act of putting ink or toner on a substrate is a fascinating process—and essential to nearly every activity on the planet.
Introduction to Graphic Communication will help you understand not only the practical issues of printing, but also its historic and business implications.
Who Should Read It?
Introduction to Graphic Communication is intended for undergraduate college students in graphic arts programs focused on printing and print business management. It is also suited to high school and vocational students in similar programs.
The book is also designed for industry internal training, and for designers, print buyers, and other professionals who need to better understand the complex world of print.
It’s Much More Than a Book!
This is the first textbook to use Ricoh’s Clickable Paper and Viddler’s secure learning portal. It provides readers with interactive video content, as well as teacher-student and peer-to-peer interaction, and more, using Internet-connected mobile devices.
Desktop PC users also can access the book’s interactive content, via a short URL.

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