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Syllabus Press Release

Syllabus Press Release

Authors of Interactive Printing and Graphic Communication Textbook Publish Syllabus Guidelines for Teachers

Seven-page course summary is the first of several academic and internal training resources to supplement the book.

Bainbridge Island, Washington (February 4, 2019) • Following the publication of Introduction to Graphic Communication (, authors Harvey Levenson and John Parsons have released the first of several resources for schools and organizations using the textbook. The syllabus recommendations, summaries, recommended reading/viewing plan, and resource list may be freely used by instructors as handouts or in course catalog descriptions.

“One of the barriers to adopting a new text is developing a syllabus,” said Dr. Levenson, who formerly taught the introductory course at Cal Poly. “Setting student goals and learning expectations is very time-consuming. Since I originally taught the course based on the first edition of the book, I drew from my previous material to develop these suggested guidelines. It was the least I could do for my fellow teachers.”

The syllabus recommendations, available in Microsoft Word, are copyright-free and can be adapted by teachers to fit their existing focus, schedule, and style requirements.

More Than a Book

As a core textbook for education and training in printing and related industries, Introduction to Graphic Communication, combines the print experience with related video content and other online interaction, via Ricoh’s Clickable Paper technology. The syllabus recommendations include a list of the top videos for each chapter, along with the viewing time for each.

The syllabus guidelines will be sent on request to schools free of charge. The textbook has already been adopted by universities, colleges, high schools, and vocational programs teaching printing and graphic communication. Schools that have adopted the book include Ryerson, Arizona State, and Bowling Green.

Levenson and Parsons are also currently working on a list of suggested exam questions (true/false and multiple choice) as well as a version of the class guidelines for non-academic internal training programs at printing and graphic design companies.

For more information on how to acquire the book, go to For a copy of the syllabus, contact the publisher:

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