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Overview of Interactive Features
The Viddler Training Suite
The videos for this book are not hosted YouTube. Instead, they are on a secure, ad-free video learning portal. Viddler adds advanced, interactive capabilities to video, including internal navigation, questions, and links to other, related content.
The videos chosen for the book can be freely accessed by any reader. Schools that want to add additional, private video content can do so in a custom version of the Viddler portal.
More Than Video
Interactive video is only the beginning. Users of the book will have access to public discussion groups on LinkedIn, live chat, access to virtual classrooms, and of course curated references on the Web.
Other student interactions are in the planning stage, including podcasts and private discussion groups.
The Best of Two Worlds
This book is an attempt to blend the enduring and haptic (tactile) properties of print with the power and flexibility of digital media into a single learning experience.
We will be working with schools and industry groups to develop this idea further, including tie-ins to existing online learning systems. We are confident this is only the beginning.
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