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Table of Contents
Introduction to Graphic Communication
Preface to the New Edition
Introduction • About This Book

A brief account of how this particular book was made, how to use its interactive features, and how it could change the way some books are published.

Chapter 1 • What is Graphic Communication?

The start of a discussion—hopefully many discussions—on changes affecting the art, science, and business of printed graphic communication.

Chapter 2 • The History of Printing

An overview of the 6,000-year history of innovation and disruption of printed graphic communication, and its importance as a foundation for our civilization.

Chapter 3 • Technological Transitions

A brief look at the changing graphic communication business, including the impact of disruptive technology and innovation.

Chapter 4 • Print Industry Segments

An overview of the different types of companies engaged in printing, how they overlap, and a summary of their current economic outlook.

Chapter 5 • Design and Prepress Workflow

The practical aspects of digital design, preparation, prepress, and automated workflow steps that precede printing or publishing.

Chapter 6 • Color Management and Proofing

The theory and practical aspects of managing printed color, achieving color consistency, and the proofing process—for both hard copy and virtual proofs.

Chapter 7 • Paper, Ink, and Toner

The physical media of graphic communication: conventional and synthetic substrates, their sustainability, and the colored substances used to image paper.

Chapter 8 • Printing Processes

A thorough review of the many ways ink or toner can be applied to a substrate, including both conventional and digital printing methods.

Chapter 9 • Postpress and Finishing

An overview of the manufacturing techniques for folding, cutting, assembling, binding, and otherwise shaping printed pieces for consumer use.

Chapter 10 • The World of Packaging

The many ways in which printed packaging differs from all other forms of graphic communication, and why this segment’s growth will outpace all others.

Chapter 11 • Best Practices / Industry Standards

A review of business practices and specifications for printing companies, as well as standards for increasing their overall efficiency and long-term sustainability.

Chapter 12 • Print and the Digital World

An overview of the Internet, the Web, and how online technology has affected the business of printing—and our approach to graphic communication.


This part of the book is the starting point for future online discussions and reader-generated content.


A bibliography of source materials, plus relevant videos (with links) for supplemental viewing.

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